Art Pieces & Giftware for Travelers

L'Arte Ci Salvera

Renaissance Traveler Artist

Classic Pen and Ink drawings across The Globe 

In an unpredictable era governed by accelerated movement and blurred exchange, the Traveler Artist emerges as a unique beacon of creative hope, sketching and painting the classical aesthetics of the Renaissance style with the contemporary perspective of the modern world.

In 1478 Traveler Artist Leonardo DaVinci designed a self-driving mechanical Cart used to transport actors across the stage. Inspired by his innovation, today we continue his journey with our Arte Cart seeking to inspire the Traveler Artist in all of us.

Whether commuting on a simple local journey or exploring far-flung destinations, the Traveler Artist seeks to "save us" from the mundane into a world of beautiful creativity.  

From our Art eCart gallery, the Traveler Artist extends their craft to develop innovative products for fellow wanderers, celebrating the union of art and travel. We provide you unlimited access to local artwork and artistic apparel including travel journals with one-of-a-kind giftware. We hope our creative expressions become companions for your artistic soul navigating the world. In this beautiful fusion of Renaissance spirit and contemporary travel mobility, the Traveler Artist pioneers a new page in the sketchbook of artistic exploration, inviting all to find inspiration in their own journey, whether across continents or simply on the daily commute. 

So, it's no surprise our mantra is "L'Arte Ci Salvera"...The Art Will Save Us.